DATE: 3rd MAY 2016


We the citizen of Matsangoni in Kilifi County, through a loose network here referred to as Matsangoni Citizen Forum (bunge la wananchi) which acts as a platform where the citizens of the named Ward gather  and share their ideas regarding the developmental concerns of the entire Ward hereby fully support the implementation of the constitution  in matters of devolution and separation of powers.

We also appreciate our beloved County Government in colluding with the County Assembly by giving much value to the education sector through the introduction of the Ward scholarship fund which has been legalised by the ward scholarship Act to cushion needy and bright students in our County.

In light of the constitution and its spirit of separation of powers which are stipulated in article 1 and 174(C) that gives the supreme powers to the citizens of Kenya and the participation in matters of devolution, the Kilifi County Ward scholarship Administration (amendment) Act 2015 section 12 confirms the establishment of the committee of which are to go hand in hand with the public demands.

In one of our meeting held on 21st  January 2016 at Co-operative ground,we came to learn that the ward scholarship committee for Matsangoni Ward runs the ward scholarship fund in  a manner and ways that contradicts the letter and spirit of the ward scholarship act.

Following the said above mulpractice, we would like to bring to your attention our observation in regards to the formation of wards scholarship committee and awarding of funds.

a) The purported meeting to elect the committee leadership did not take place but minutes were prepared .

b)some committee members were not even aware of them being members of the referred committee until when it was published in the ( Kilifian newspaper issue No.050(17th Jan 2016). This confirms our fears that  the committee was hand-picked instead,and many more an ethical practices.

we therefore recommend the dissolution of the said committee and fresh electionto select the committee of the people’s choice be held.

The committee that will be elected shall work independently without any political influence what so ever.

The beneficiaries who would have missed the funding should be given information on the same so that they get to know the reason for their failure and make further changes in case.

It is in this regard that we the citizens of Matsangoni ward hereby petition the Kilifi County Scholarship Board to reconstitute the Matsangoni ward scholarship committee before the next disbursement without which the citizens will take necessary action within the laws of the land

Yours faithful




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