The women rep

ON 17th this month a lady who is vying for the women Rep in Kilifi County was at Matsangoni for the third time in a month time to meet more than 240 local community leaders, watching  her composer and articulation of issues, her presentation of facts combined with her confidence which i believe is borne out of the wisdom she has gathered from the many visits within the county, for what she calls;

‘meeting and engaging with the locals’.

She is in a class of her own, compared to the other contestants who wait until the the final days of the Campaign either to be back- ridden by the political parties or political bigwigs, an out rightly confirmation that they are not independently minded.

If Kilifi county for the first time is to get what we call a noble representation  in the form of women Rep then let us have Juliet Riziki Bayah as the Women representative, she’s got the brains,charisma and humility which i believe is the best recipe for the occupant of this serious seat.


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