Technology makes young people with small lives see opportunities out their, they only need to change their mental gears

On 23rd September i was at the Matsangoni Chief’s office  to witness the registration of the elderly ,for the GK sponsored  programme- to have them ‘elderly’ get some funds in every three month to facilitate their needs.

A representative from MAWASCO decided to take advantage of the gathering of more than two hundred elders plus their personal assistants who had accompanied them to help in the clerical work, to give insight on issues related to water service provision in Matsangoni,when he took the same opportunity to introduce Mr.Edward Unda as a WAG’S, a volunteer from WASREB,something that attracted both criticism and praises in equal measures from the locals.

I got a chance to put facts straight to some propagandists who were busy trying to see a dark spot from a clear light.KIMACAPRODA  Advertised the same through it’s network and as the network director i personally encouraged young men and women to apply for the advertised post, but Matsangoni native youth are either myopic or lack self confidence, the poor young man who is new in Matsangoni as some propagandists were trying to say, was a sole applicant from this area and fortunately he convinced the interviewing panel that he was fit for the job.

It is not exactly brilliant insight for propagandists to cast an image of ‘foreigner’ .KIMACAPRODA’s  core objective is to promote job creation and profile marketing by eradicating nepotism and ignorance, not cheap propaganda.

written by V.Nyamawi



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