Clean water is not and has never been regarded as a basic need in Matsangoni Ward.Many theories from both political and administrative leaders have been lacking the condour that would have been of help towards solving the water crisis.

On searching for the reason for the shortage of this rare and  precious commodity some historians from the area  laminated that politics is to blame for the shortage, while others insist that it is the geographical location of this land of palms and magnificent sand beach.

For those who believe politics has played a role in the water crisis, they assert that for the successive elections in the then Bahari constituency, a leader from Chonyi Division now divided into Kiliofi North and Kilifi South  constituency emerged the winner giving examples of Hons. Mtana Lewa,John Mumba,JembeMwakalu, Ben Gunda whose administrative boundaries covered Matsangoni Ward,But to the great disappointment of these political leaders, their successive juniors from Matsangoni  Ward(civic leaders) appeared to be stooge and political puppetsa of the Kaloleni and Ganze Constituency Leaders   both from the Giriama sub-tribe of the Mijikenda community,in steady of consulting and working withg their political superiors(MPs)from their constituency, it is claimed that they were being ‘used’ by the Kaloleni and Ganze  political leaders who in most cases were scheming to see the then  Bahari political leaders who ailed from Chonyi division seen as non performers by the electorates from Matsangoni Ward, which in turn the leaders from Chonyi Division decided to stamp authority and whip the undisciplined kid(Matsangoni Ward) by hitting the jugular, and they managed to do this by controlling the technical arm of the water supply in Kilifi which used to KIWASAP and now KIWASCO which has been under the leadership of PROFESSIONALS from the Chonyi Division.

Thanks to the World Bank  and MAWASCO for coming to the rescue of the Matsangonians for the provision of clean water .Not just water provision but also job creation for the young women and men from Matsangoni location .

   The writer is the founder KIMACAPRODA KENYA


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