a_023The light of the day should help our leaders to see themselves in other, and before one declares their interest in either a political or community position, they should be ready to confront the dark corners of their own past.We have a defined responsibility to help our community members to define  these leaders not by the depth of their pockets or the brand of cars they are driving  but by the content of their character.

The future of any society is in the hands of it’s population, any political leader who come to ask for your vote for their re-election, should first tell you how their leadership has impacted our society, and  as a community we should speak powerful about this.

We should ask them to specify ,quantify and recall projects they claim to have initiated, how they involved the community because we believe it is always about the community and it will look suspicious if it does not involve the very community.

We want the builders of bridges to become our policy makers and not those arrogant and snobbish ones.

writer is the Founder -KIMACAPRODA


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