In as much as we want our women to improve their standard of living by building their capacity and making them powerhouse of entrepreneurs, we as a community through KIMACAPRODA feel we have a defined responsibility  to remind our poor village women the importance of cultivating a culture of strategic relationships and taking affordable steps.

As the Banks supervision director F.P.K.Pere was making the list of micro-finance banks and deposit-taking micro-finance  institutions licensed by central bank public though our dailies, our women in Matsangoni and Kibarani Ward are busy putting their hardly earned money in the not just unsafe mud walled and makuti thatched houses, money in hundreds of thousands locked in tin-metal boxes under cheap padlocks, but also exposing them to a great danger of high class robbery by highly trained gun men.

We are constantly reminded that:” ideas rule the world, the reality however is that great ideas executed by prepared mind at the right time rule the world”,and that a great idea is the SMART one i.e specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and should be time a member of KIMACAPRODA i always ask myself; how realistic is this system of saving cum merry -go round where a group of viollage women are put in one place called “chama”contribute money in thousands and later on one is given the custodian powers of the “chama” money without either herself nor the money she is keeping being insured, a person the village women call ‘officer’ comfortable letting one poor village woman  part with hundreds of thousands of money in a broad day light to most cases small unsecured huts.

They say opportunity creates a thief, and in this case the Matsangonians and the Kibaranians are given golden opportunities every new-day to become thieves  they were not born to be and the desperate village women becoming more poor by loosing their hardly earned money by subscribing to what their so called ‘officer’ perceive to be the remedy for eradicating poverty.

Lets have noble people, who have the interest of our village women at heart, make their voices heard in putting this to an end,we need the right people to teach these ambitious village women how to make use of micro-finance banks/deposit-taking micro-finance institutions licensed by Central bank in conjunction with the mibile phone service providers to just save and borrow at the comfort of their homes and discard these unsecured and unreliable names and officers. say yes if you agree with this.

the writer is the Founder-KIMACAPRODA img193-2


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