Have you ever asked yourself this question, ever since the Governor and his team got their pens on paper………….’Do they consider Matsangoni Ward to be  within their administrative boundaries?………i have! and have been watching every step and every information they make public because that is what we can use to make them account for.

i was going through the so, called list of projects achieved by the devolved government of Kilifi, under the leadership of one and the only one “King”in the entire nation.Something immediately stroke my eyes , the list was released early this year indicating that, the only road project that the Kilifi county had decided to repair and i mean repair !,in the entire Matsangoni Ward, the 9.3kilometre Chumani,Roka,Matsangoni road,if you ask me how they came up with this road as the their targeted one my answer is i do not know ! and so is the entire MATSNGONI COMMUNITY.

They left the economical and traffic loaded beach road which is merly half the distance the poorly repaired Chumani,Roka, Matsngoni road,as if that was not enough a lose the project its self is not even half completed and the places which had been ‘painted’ with the loose mu rum most of it has already been eroded by the shallow winds.

We have a well stipulated right as citizens to ask for accountability and public oversight before we kick these 2013 IEBC winners out of office in the 2017 general election.


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