I tend to think the reluctance to question and an exaggerated respect for authority has led to accept what we refer to as non performing leadership.In steady of enduring the soul-destroying boredom and confusion of listening to the constant lies of these myopic leaders.

We members of community through KIMACAPRODA and in support with other vision supporters have decided to bring in a ‘platform’ all the political aspirants in kilifi county for what we call giving the Kilifians the chance and freedom of choice .

There is no doubt that refusing or absconding from that common platform(public debate) either the community or political leaders will be denying the citizens freedom of choice, they can not knowledgeably chose and elect what they want,they will have lost their right to make an informed decision”judging the contestants not by image reflected by their  followers and non followers but by the contents of their character as portrayed during the public debate”.

Now as you know, when people lose their freedom of choice ,they are no longer free, so by absconding from the common platform(public debate) means that you you do not want freedom for the Kilifians and that you are an oppressor.


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