It is always better to play ignorance and risk boredom than to assume knowledge and fail to learn, we have MCAs who prefer the term ‘Mheshimiwa’ because it carries an Aura of political superiority, leaders who are concerned with hearing the sound of their own voice in public meetings than what the sounds contain in general.

With active informed citizen as a goal KIMACAPRODA is confronted with numerous tasks, but we always remind our leaders that they must endeavor to satisfy the natural interest of the KILIFIANS in contemporary affairs through the discussion of immediate political issues.

The people of Kilifi County appreciate the fact that ,it is hardly possible to fulfill all the the expectation of devolution but at the very least it is necessary to keep frustration at bay and to enlist citizen’s interest in an attainable future.

Time is the scarcest of all political leaders’ resources, the preoccupation leaders of the new Kilifi County is to purchase enough of it in which to establish a record of positive achievement which will give the people hope…………”they have to get the roof on before the foundation cracks”.

We constantly remind our political leaders to appreciate the accepted principle that they are ‘first among equals’ it is God given privilege to change people’s life for better, there is no excuse for them to adopt a superior or patronizing attitude.



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