Shalom Brother and sisters!

Am honored to issue you the  our third newsletter. on behalf of the KIMACAPRODA, would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hon.Mung’aro for it is through his wisdom as a true progeny of the old political liberators ‘watetezi’, after having a tete-a-tete with the member of Parliament, during one of his official visits in MATSANGONI when he took a person commitment to see this project take off,

Despite some inevitable challenges the ‘chick’ was final hatched.Through his wisdom as true statesman of all seasons, he realizes that the days of fiendish leadership of continuous operating under a cloud of suspicion on matters of integrity have no space in his approach of issues, embracing his typical character of allowing ordinary men and women talk to him without going through the usual red tape.

You do not set a rat to catch a rat. You set a cat to catch a rat, and the only cat that can catch the notorious rat, ladies and Gentle men is the KIMACAPRODA. which i believe is the only bullet left in our Arsenal to fight nepotism and clear the cloud of suspicion that is always associated with our political leaders.


He always tries to hand his people certificates of political freedom.It was in a special gathering, when the Founder of KIMACAPRODA sold the idea of having an independent Agency to source and bank an accurate capacity profile data for the local people.


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