THE UYOMBO GIRLS: ‘ is it a girl school or a den of prostitutes”

After following with open eyes the activities and behavior of the students from Uyombo girls, one is left to wonder whether parents and Guardians of these vulnerable girls take note of the many factors that predispose their girls to prostitution which eventual leads to either :’ Un wanted pregnancies,ST I’s infections and untimely death from unsafely secured abortions.

Driven by the nagging need to improve the capacity data of Matsangoni Ward Team  ‘KIMACAPRODA’ made the following analyzed observations.

-The students from Uyombo girls most of them  commute from as far as “mkangagani-Mkongani” to Uyombo girls school a distance that cost  one hundred and fifty Kenyan shillings (ksh150), that means a student must at least part with three hundred Kenyan shillings every day if she is to catch lessons in the morning and reach home before twilight in the evening, a biting expense that most parents can not meet,leaving these poor girls at the mercy of the mercy-less  the notorious Boda boda operators.

We therefor urge all the relevant Agencies to come in a round table led by the B.O.G OF THE SCHOOL TO RESCUE THIS POOR GIRLS.


4 thoughts on “THE UYOMBO GIRLS: ‘ is it a girl school or a den of prostitutes”

  1. Hi, my names are Isaac kalumeh Charoh, an aspirant for the Kibarani Ward MCA seat.

    I have lately visited different schools, talking to the PTA and BOG committees within the ward discussing pertinent educational issues as i gather some baseline data on the current situation, though sometimes i visit schools without my ward to do the same for comparison purposes. Am still in consultations with various stakeholders within my ward to come up with sustainable ways of improving the situation and education standards, regardless of the many challenges existing. I happened to visit Uyombo, Katana Ngala, Chumani and Ngerenyi secondary schools and the Uyombo scenario is so peculiar and absurd, not because of the distance, bodaboda riders or the lack of fares to school for the girls, as you point it out, but so many other genuine factors contribute to the experiences the girls pass through as they strive to overcome the many challenges they have to go through as they seek the all-important education and knowledge which we all know is the key to a bright future for all. I think calling those girls ‘prostitutes’ is an over-reaction, ignorance and insensibility on the writer’s part, otherwise, the girls are just victims of circumstances.

    The writer’s scope on this whole matter is a bit narrow and confined to few factors. My advice is that extensive research has to be undertaken before such conclusive articles are published. I had a one-on-one with the headmistress, who is just 6 months old at the school, and a couple other teachers too. The student’s is a sorry state of affairs availed by a myriad of factors which include but are not limited to the following;

    1. The location of the school [secluded]
    2. The immediate environment surrounding the school [Bushy with narrow, very rocky tracts within leading to the school which the students helplessly have to trek through. I was in the car, to the school, myself and was so scared!! ]
    3. Lots of quarry workers [hungry tigers1] working within the quarries within the bushy environment [Have petty cash and stamina as added advantage to lay on the honest students. Oops! They have the sharp metal working tools too!!]
    4. Distance to the school students have to cover, daily!
    5. Bodaboda riders [hungry tigers 2]
    6. Socio-economic status of the general community within the school’s catchment area
    7. Education level of the general community within the school’s catchment area
    8. Socio-cultural factors [Usiniriche’s, weddings, matangas and all others]
    9. High uptake of the local brew and bhang smokingh amongst the community in the vicinity
    10. Lack of access to psychological and career counselling to the poor girls
    11. Lack of role models for the school girls
    12. Etc, etc, etc..and the list goes on and on..

    I was told that 2 students are currently pregnant but still they have been encouraged to continue with their classes until when the E.D.B is close.
    Time is a limitation for me now to share more on this one, but i will find time to expound and elaborate further on this Uyombo Girls’ scenario. The headmistress informed me that our Hon. MP visited the school in March this year and said he has plans to erect a wall perimeter fence because he himself feared for the security of both the staff and the students due to the bushes surrounding the school and the separation from ‘the rest of the world’. She informed me of a good young man from the area, a graduate who managed to school that far with the aid of a European friend, i think, who frequently visit the school to advice and give hope to the students. This prudent young man from the area has decided to be part of the solution to the contemporary problems the students are currently facing. He resides in Kilifi and i was told where he works. I have plans to contact him so that i can join him in giving a contribution, in any way, towards improving the girls’ situation.

    I will come back on this next time i have some time, I, personally, don’t think the girls really are prostitutes. Maybe the provincial administration should apprehend all those that interfere with the girls’ education, taking advantage of the poverty levels within the community, and sometimes forcing the students in to sexual exploits within the bushes surrounding, regardless of who they are. Those poor girls need to be protected from the ‘hungry tigers’. Period.

    God bless you all!

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    1. Mr. Katana: it is so nice to read that you have not just relayed on hearsay but actual gone personal to meet some of the stakeholders , this forum/platform needs such insight,views and experience we welcome your thoughts and opinion. as for the Author he/she was just posing a self-opinion Qns. You have also pointed out that you are ambitious for a political seat, welcome to our net work and we promise to share your vision with our more than ten thousand local followers.

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