img193-2Do you want to live in a place where technology brings equity by eradicating poverty?

Do you  want  to help  make this happen?

Do you want to help drive the next decade of sustainable e-services? we want too.

Join ‘kimacaproda’ to help shape the new digital Kilifi by signing up below the site page.

Qs-what is kimacaproda/matsangoni data bank

Ans-Is an initial form  for ‘kibarani-matsangoni capacity profile data.

its a non political initiative founded by A kilifian. A confidential information cent re of individuals or population’s profile that can make it easy for experts  analyze the capacity profile of a certain population.

Qs-what are the objectives:

1-collecting, banking and redirecting accurate profile data of Kibarani,Matsangon,Sokoni Ward residence to the relevant Agencies.

2-Creating a platform for the citizens of the targeted Wards and policy makers to exchange ideas thus encourage public oversight on all state projects.

3-assist citizens in the above mentioned areas to put only the prepared minds in the policy maker’s boardroom.

4-to eradicate nepotism and bad leadership within the respective wards and by extension the entire Kilifi County, by encouraging the policy makers in the respective Government and non Government Agencies within Kilifi County to adapt and embrace this noble concept and discard the in effective stone age approach  of using  circulars in chief’s offices when advertising job opportunities and other matters of equal importance.

Qs-whose is funding kimacaproda:

Ans– the founder

-friends of kimacaproda and any vision supporters

AIM-expand customized collocation services and help organizations improve their services to the public.

VISION-be the leading provider(data center) of collocation, offering customized solutions designed to help both the governmental and non governmental Organizations manage challenges, risks and improve their performances thus improve the general welfare of the public.

ASPIRATION– to know you can trust our collocation provider when business critical issues arise


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